Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well I have had another birthday come and go since my last post. It was nice having my friends around to support me. I really feel like my migraines have been out of control lately.

I had an appointment with Dr. B, however I didn't get to see him. I saw the PA instead. She was nice. I told her about what was going on with my migraines and she seemed to believe everyone was struggling this past month. Hump. I don't really care about everyone else..maybe that is selfish, but after having such good months, then bam! migraine explosion I want to know what is going on. She made me another appointment in a month to actually see Dr. B. I told her about the tingles I had with my 3 day migraine and she didn't see surprised or worried, just seemed like it was something that could happen after a really bad migraine. I try to tell myself if the doctor isn't worried then I shouldn't worry either. I think I will still bring it up to Dr. B at my next appointment. She also gave me a rescue medication ultram I think it was.

Smells are really triggering my migraines a lot more these days. I have tried to get some Christmas shopping done on the weekends and the perfumes that are being sprayed everywhere is driving me crazy. It seems like I can smell perfume on people before I even get close to them and then shortly after here comes the start of a migraine. I can not do anything about this trigger!! I feel so helpless.

My knees and legs have been killing me lately also. I feel on some days I could rip my knee caps right off. No amount of rubbing, heat, ice or medication is helping to relieve the pain. I am just so sick of it, if it isn't the migraine causing me pain it my knees. WHAT'S NEXT!!

I just really feel like I am falling apart. It is really making me feel depressed, and I really don't want that for the holidays.