Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go away. While I know the rain is good for nature and the yummy fruits and veggies I eat; my head can not stand it! The rain started last night and I woke up with a migraine this morning. I managed to come to work, however the pain has increased ever since. I usually do not like to take new medication while I work, but it was either take the Maxalt and see how I react or go home and medicate. I chose to try to work. It is working fantastic. No nasty side effects other than feeling really nice. I actually cant believe how fast it is working. It only took about 45 minutes. I started my 50mg of Topamax on Tuesday, and I swear it is taking a piece of my intelligence with it. Thank you lord for spell checker. I have not always been the best speller, but it nearly took me 3 minutes to figure out that since was not spelled sense(hey at least I knew it was not the right spelling I was looking for). I do apologize if any grammatical errors appear on my blog, I promise they are not intentional, and I do try to read and re-read over my post before I publish. I am going to have to learn how to cope being on this medication and being a perfectionist. I really wish I had the mentality some days just say well I tried my best even if I fail at something. Failure is a really hard word for me. It is why I don't set goals for myself too high. I know that if I have to struggle to reach them and fail, I will go into huge bout of depression.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

President Barack Obama is in Saint Louis today and wowzers talk about ground and air control. Every overpass and ramp leading onto the highway had a police officer attending it. There were helicopters everwhere. It was really cool. Too bad I couldnt have seen him in person.

I had a really bad Migraine on Saturday. I am committed to working through them when I get them at work, but man o' man puking in a public toilet is so disgusting. As soon as I got home I took an Imitrex for the first time since I got them. I didn't want to medicate myself at work other than my not so trusty Excedrin Migraine, which I took, I guess for shits and giggles because it didn't do a thing. Maybe it was because I have become immune to it, or I threw it up 10 minutes later. The Imitrex made me so sick, however it helped my Migraine tremendously...for about 2 hours then the migraine started creeping back. My throat felt so tight and my stomach felt like high tide. My neck was so sore I ended up moving my ice pack from my head to my neck for some relief. I finally just ended up taking some Vicodin. Later that night I decided I needed some comfort food the ever so almighty cheese toast. When I pulled the toast from the oven it smelled sickly sweet, and tears just started running down my face. My husband asked me what could be wrong and I just started sobbing. I just couldn't stop. No more Imitrex for me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a disclaimer in case I have any readers not that I do, but it is..I am probably not going to be this active of a blogger in the future. I am just trying to play catch up so that when I feel like I need to blog about current events such as my neighbor at work painting her nails or the department that sits a few yards away from me decides to pop balloons in spirit for going green..oh yes people these entries will be soon to come..I can do so freely and timely without the need for anyone to have to backtrack.

So yea..diabetes. First word that came to my mind when I heard that lovely diagnoses. SUGAR I love sugar, who doesn't. In fact even when I thought I was doing good things like drinking the ever so yummy Vitamin water I was filling my body with lots and lots of sugar. Now I have never been a health nut, but I would have like to have said I was at least health conscience. Now maybe I am thinking not so much. I have always knew that I could stand to lose some weight, drink lots more water and exercise a whole lot more, but I have always just thrown those ideas to the place where I put things in my mind that I don't like to think about too often, you know that same place where you store your spring cleaning lists. I knew my biggest cut back was going to be soda. I am pretty sure if I were truly honest with myself, and if I cant be honest with myself on this blog then there is no point in writing it, I drank soda all day long and nothing else. What was I going to do? Could I realistically just cut out all soda. I knew I couldn't switch to diet soda because NutraSweet is a poison when it comes to my migraines. When I started the Topamax it came with strict instructions to drink as much water as I possibly could, or I could get kidney stones. Great!.. something as small as drinking water has defeated me so many times in the past I thought I was doomed for failure. Guess what though, water has become a necessity. The slightest bit parched and I am feeling queasy and shaky. I am up to a gallon of water of day with no struggles. I do want to mention that I did find Diet Coke with Splenda, so when I am feeling like I need some caffeine I can have a can of soda. I feel Triumphant!

Insurance companies really know where to get ya. I left my doctors office to go get my prescriptions filled for the Topamax, Imitrex and the Vicodin that I was given at the ER. I paid a 10 dollar co-pay for the Topamax and 3 dollars for the 20 Vicodin. Then it came time for the Imitrix, which is not a narcotic. My insurance has classified this as a tier 3 drug so I had a 50 dollar co pay for 4, yes count them 4 pills! My RX said 9! Are they my doctor? Did they speak with me? Do they know the frequency of my migraines? NO NO and NO!!! Basically I have been getting really bad migraines about twice a week so when I left I am thinking I only have enough Imitrex for one migraine a week. Great let the suffering begin..I do know now that the Vicodin will help as my rescue drug when the Imitrex will not or I guess in this case when it runs out. But still what was the point in going to the doctor, having her help me and then having limitations set before me from my Insurance company? A company who has had made money from me in the past years. I know I should count my blessings that I do have insurance because without it..well I just cant put it into words. Constant Migraine is probably best fitting. I still felt the need to gripe though. Last time I checked and I am still not fully researched but Vicodin is addictive and Imitrex is not. So what gives insurance company?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Migraines are defiantly not sweet, but this is about my new journey with diabetes and migraines.

Imagine having the worst headache of your life taking any OTC drug you can with no relief only to wake up the next morning with blood shot eyes, swollen eye lids, nausea, and a pounding throb in your head that feels like the clock has just struck midnight on New Year's Eve. That was Tuesday...I was scared. I went to the Emergency Room in a panic, only to be put in a room with bright florescence lights with no dim or OFF switch. I was in pain, of course my blood pressure was going to be high no worries that will go down once we find out what is going on with my head. I knew these headaches that I had been getting over probably the past year were not like the same ones I had right before I got my Pseudo-Tumor Cerebri, so I was really nervous as to what could be the cause of these increasingly worse migraines. I had a cat scan done done in the ER and everything was fine. The doctor gave me some Phenergan and Tordol. The Tordol didn't do a thing for me. I was still in some major pain. I had to tell two nurses that my head was still hurting before finally being given some dilaudid. Oh that is some good stuff let me tell ya. Just as I am sitting on cloud nine maybe ten at this point the doctor is going over my release papers and drops the bomb of all bombs.."Did you know you have high blood sugar?" Uh no, (expletive) was my exact response. "Yeah it is pretty high, you need to see your primary care physician as soon as possible, like tomorrow." So I ask, Could this be the cause of my migraines? (Doctor) Well, a spike in your blood sugar up or down could cause a headache. Yes, nod,... but my migraines..., doh said the naughty word again, Oh I forgot to mention that he got a little snippy when I was telling him about my head hurting and I kept calling my head pain a migraine. He was like lets not call it a migraine until you have been diagnosed with migraine, and of course at that point I didn't give a damn what he wanted to call it as long as he made the pain go AWAY! So, anyway I left the hospital a little more scared than when I came in considering I went in with a migraine and left a diabetic, its not like I could have got a refund of my co-pay or anything. Too bad diabetes isn't like a shirt you just love at the store, take it home to try it on and it doesn't fit, so you return it.
I did see my Dr. M the next day. She really is a wonderful caring doctor, who really listens to me and answers all my trillion questions. Of course, she was just as concerned with my sugar as the ER doctor, but she also understood my migraine, a word I can officially use now, not that I really wanted to or anything. I am to go a diabetic learning center to learn all about diabetes which can be any where from 8-10 hours in one day. Please god let me survive this class. I am also on Topamax and Imitrex for my migraines.

I have much more to write, but I this is the end of the first complete day.