Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Insurance companies really know where to get ya. I left my doctors office to go get my prescriptions filled for the Topamax, Imitrex and the Vicodin that I was given at the ER. I paid a 10 dollar co-pay for the Topamax and 3 dollars for the 20 Vicodin. Then it came time for the Imitrix, which is not a narcotic. My insurance has classified this as a tier 3 drug so I had a 50 dollar co pay for 4, yes count them 4 pills! My RX said 9! Are they my doctor? Did they speak with me? Do they know the frequency of my migraines? NO NO and NO!!! Basically I have been getting really bad migraines about twice a week so when I left I am thinking I only have enough Imitrex for one migraine a week. Great let the suffering begin..I do know now that the Vicodin will help as my rescue drug when the Imitrex will not or I guess in this case when it runs out. But still what was the point in going to the doctor, having her help me and then having limitations set before me from my Insurance company? A company who has had made money from me in the past years. I know I should count my blessings that I do have insurance because without it..well I just cant put it into words. Constant Migraine is probably best fitting. I still felt the need to gripe though. Last time I checked and I am still not fully researched but Vicodin is addictive and Imitrex is not. So what gives insurance company?


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