Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just a disclaimer in case I have any readers not that I do, but whatever..here it is..I am probably not going to be this active of a blogger in the future. I am just trying to play catch up so that when I feel like I need to blog about current events such as my neighbor at work painting her nails or the department that sits a few yards away from me decides to pop balloons in spirit for going green..oh yes people these entries will be soon to come..I can do so freely and timely without the need for anyone to have to backtrack.

So yea..diabetes. First word that came to my mind when I heard that lovely diagnoses. SUGAR I love sugar, who doesn't. In fact even when I thought I was doing good things like drinking the ever so yummy Vitamin water I was filling my body with lots and lots of sugar. Now I have never been a health nut, but I would have like to have said I was at least health conscience. Now maybe I am thinking not so much. I have always knew that I could stand to lose some weight, drink lots more water and exercise a whole lot more, but I have always just thrown those ideas to the place where I put things in my mind that I don't like to think about too often, you know that same place where you store your spring cleaning lists. I knew my biggest cut back was going to be soda. I am pretty sure if I were truly honest with myself, and if I cant be honest with myself on this blog then there is no point in writing it, I drank soda all day long and nothing else. What was I going to do? Could I realistically just cut out all soda. I knew I couldn't switch to diet soda because NutraSweet is a poison when it comes to my migraines. When I started the Topamax it came with strict instructions to drink as much water as I possibly could, or I could get kidney stones. Great!.. something as small as drinking water has defeated me so many times in the past I thought I was doomed for failure. Guess what though, water has become a necessity. The slightest bit parched and I am feeling queasy and shaky. I am up to a gallon of water of day with no struggles. I do want to mention that I did find Diet Coke with Splenda, so when I am feeling like I need some caffeine I can have a can of soda. I feel Triumphant!


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