Wednesday, April 29, 2009

President Barack Obama is in Saint Louis today and wowzers talk about ground and air control. Every overpass and ramp leading onto the highway had a police officer attending it. There were helicopters everwhere. It was really cool. Too bad I couldnt have seen him in person.

I had a really bad Migraine on Saturday. I am committed to working through them when I get them at work, but man o' man puking in a public toilet is so disgusting. As soon as I got home I took an Imitrex for the first time since I got them. I didn't want to medicate myself at work other than my not so trusty Excedrin Migraine, which I took, I guess for shits and giggles because it didn't do a thing. Maybe it was because I have become immune to it, or I threw it up 10 minutes later. The Imitrex made me so sick, however it helped my Migraine tremendously...for about 2 hours then the migraine started creeping back. My throat felt so tight and my stomach felt like high tide. My neck was so sore I ended up moving my ice pack from my head to my neck for some relief. I finally just ended up taking some Vicodin. Later that night I decided I needed some comfort food the ever so almighty cheese toast. When I pulled the toast from the oven it smelled sickly sweet, and tears just started running down my face. My husband asked me what could be wrong and I just started sobbing. I just couldn't stop. No more Imitrex for me.


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