Friday, April 15, 2011

Last time this year I was just finding out that I was pregnant. I really could not have been happier as I thought the day would never come. I was really nervous because I was taking Topamax as my preventive for my migraines and it can cause some pretty serious birth defects. Thankfully my baby girl had none of those. She was a little early on Nov 19, 2010 weighing in at 6 pounds 8 ounces and 19 inches long.

I was so lucky that I had very few migraines during my pregnancy. I think I may have had one in the first trimester and that was it. Relatively speaking I had a great pregnancy and honestly was a little sad to see it go so early. I was excited about having the baby don't get me wrong, but I just loved being pregnant.

I knew I was going to breastfed from the start, so I searched online websites and watched youtube videos. I gathered as much information as I possibly could. This was going to be a success for me. I wanted to have a natural drug free delivery....helicopter NO! At least the breastfeeding is still going strong. We had a few complications with latch at the very start but nothing a little patience, and momma tears couldn't work out.

I have the sweetest most laid back baby a parent could ever dream of. She looks just like her daddy and if I didn't carry her for 9 months I would have swore he cheated on me. I can already tell she got the best part of my personality.

I wished and prayed and wished some more that these dreaded migraines would be out of my life like a bad boyfriend, but not two weeks later they reared their ugly head back into my life. It is such a struggle to try to take care of yourself when you are healthy with a newborn baby much less when you are sick. There is no preventive medication that I can take for them while I am nursing. I can take Imitrex which I absolutely hate. I hate how it makes my heart beat fast and my head feel like it is burning hotter than a half bred fox in a forest fire. I suppose when I am working with limited treatment I should dust off my hands and work with what I have. I will not admit defeat with these migraines and I will continue to nurse my daughter until either get the best of me.

PS. Honorable mention goes to my IT department, thank you for unblocking Blogger.


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