Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everyone knows the old saying. It never fails. It seems like every person that I have come in contact with who has heard about my recent diagnoses has an opinion of something I could do or something else that I could have. Enough people! I am seeing a dietitian and nutritionist. I do not have to eat 6 small meals a day no matter if every single diabetic you have ever known has done this. Yes I know that I do not need to go 6 hours without eating something to maintain a healthy sugar level, but seriously I am not waking myself up in the morning to eat. Thank you for reminding me that the drugs that I am using for my migraines are chemicals and are not healthy for my body, and that I need to get a second opinion to see if I really need to be on them. Hell yes I need to be on them. I can already tell the frequency of my migraines has decreased. Sometimes I wish I could just say all the these things on my mind, but I am totally a non confrontational person and I will just grin and bare it until I am able to write about it.

I have been walking anywhere from 1 to 2 miles a day and really getting my heart rate up. Still drinking lots of water, a gallon or more. I am staying way under my daily 180 carb intake. I feel like a making lots of progress, however my sugar is still remaining high. I am seeing my OBGYN tomorrow for some more testing and talking. I am really trying to stay positive.


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