Friday, May 01, 2009

My Quiet Place

I have my quiet place all set up with my water, meds, soft relaxing music, ice packs, a book to read for as long as my head can stand it, but this blog has proved to be so therapeutic that sometimes I wish there was a real life Santa Claus that could bring me a laptop. Weekends have proven themselves to be the worse times for my migraines. I am trying not to be a lazy bum, but when the pressure in my head makes me feel like if I move an inch I am going to puke or have my head explode I would rather just lay down.
Today if my friends have found my blog which I suspect they have since I posted the link on my Facebook, these migraines are why we don't make plans. They are why we don't hang out. They are why we don't talk on the phone as much as you would like us too. I have suffered and smiled when we hung out before trying to play the good sport, but I just can't anymore. When I tell you politely I am ready to go and you don't listen I can't trust you to listen now. I realize I am an inconvenience for you to be friends with, but I do value what friendship we do have. I wish I had more good days than bad. I wouldn't wish migraines on my worst enemy, however I would wish that everyone would experience just one in their lifetime. Then maybe they would have a better understanding of what exactly us migraineurs' go though. Instead of feeling like I have have let everyone down around me, it would be extremely nice for someone to say "How are you feeling today? Would you care to come over and have some quiet time at my house? Maybe I could brush your hair, or rub your neck. We could watch a movie with the volume set low. These are the type of friends I need right now, I'm sorry I cant be more...


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