Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 3 and I am still not well....We had such beautiful weather...then came the down pour, my monthly friend, and I went back to my evening shift. I really thought going back to my normal work schedule was going to be a blessing but apparently that was just going to be another change in my sleep pattern that ended up being the straw that broke the camels back if you will. I am not sure I am in status because I have got some relief with the zomig, just not enough. I have taken 3 triptans in 2 days and I dont think it is a good idea to take anymore, but my head is pounding right now. I have suffered today with not taking anything, but I am really close to just taking my last vicodin and hoping that I can get some sleep. I see Dr. B in 2 weeks and I plan on really having a long talk with him about some form of rescue medication. I dont need them often, but when I do I want some RELIEF!

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  1. WinnyNinny PooPoo said...
    I keep 3 pills of dilaudid on hand just for those times when I can't get somewhere for pain relief. I have only used this script once, but it saves me from the panic that comes when you know the pain is here to stay and its not safe to drive or you are stuck in an airplane.. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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