Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things were a bit different today. I woke up feeling rather well considering I had no migraine to treat. In fact I didn't even have the usual dull headache that I normally get after a really bad migraine. What I did have was this tingling sensation that went from my face to my feet about 30 minutes after I woke up that lasted for about 2 hours. It was only on the left side of my face but both of my arms and hands were tingling and both of my legs and feet. It was very strange and was becoming rather frightening. It didn't hurt, not like when your foot goes to sleep not like pins and needles. It was just tingles. It is hard to explain. Once they went away I have been ok for the rest the day. I even managed to go the grocery store.

While I am anxious to talk to Dr. B about the things that have been going on with me the last week, I really hope that he does not give me too hard of a time for not getting my MRI done yet. I was suppose to have that scheduled. I honestly just could not find the time. Well I suppose I should say I have not wanted to disappoint anyone at work for taking a day off. I really need to learn to treat myself better I know, but he also wants me to have an EKG done and that has to be scheduled by my PCP and if I am going to take a day off I would like to get them both done at the same time.

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  1. WinnyNinny PooPoo said...
    Not sure if the tingling sounds like a good thing or a bad thing...more worried that it is a bad thing. Please be cautious and let your docs know!!! No migraine is a great, but tingles don't sound right....:(

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