Sunday, August 02, 2009

All In One

Well a lot has been going on since my last blog. My psedo tumor cerebi did come back, so I had to get a spinal tap. Wow those have changed so much in 8 years. I was petrified and really wished I had a something to calm my nerves, so I wouldn't have been so tense when I went in. The nurses could all tell that I was so scared, so I explained the last time I had one of the lovely spinal taps and how I ended up getting poked about 8 times or more before the doctor found the right entry point and how I left there with a scab about the size of a nickle on my back. Well now they take an x-ray of your back so the doctor knows the exact entry point. The worst part honestly was the numbing shot. I did end up having a little spinal headache, but the pressure headache was gone almost immediately, my vision was clearing as I was laying on that hard metal table. My neuro was a complete idiot so while I am thankful he helped me out in my desperate situation I will not be going back to him.
I am still having major migraines at least once to twice a week, sometimes they are too bad for me to even go to work. I just dont want to live like this. I hate having to cancel plans or always feel like just when I am having a good time somewhere that I will have to leave. I also really hate having to drag my husband home when I know he is not wanting to leave. Why should he have to suffer when he is not suffering from a migraine. I found a new set of doctors called Headache Specialist.They are with the Ryan Headache Clinic here in Saint Louis, MO. I have heard good things about the doctor I am going to see from ACHE, so I really hope that he will at least be able to help me find my triggers, and at the very least give me some medication that will be able to soothe the migraine so I can function through out the day. Then if I need to come home after work, or after my movie or after hanging out with my friends, or just whatever....I can. I just want to be able to live MY LIFE!


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