Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today my husband and I had planned on going out to eat with another couple to a new restaurant. We really have been wanting to venture out of the steak and potatoes cuisine, and try different cultures of food. So, tonight was the first night, and we chose a Thai restaurant. We have heard a lot of people say they loved the food and how everything was so fresh. This place was in a really small town in Illinois. I swear you could have farted and drove right through it. Of course the place was on Main street, probably because they only have one street and that would be MAIN. We all ate very light today, so we were sure not to ruin our appetite. We thought 5 o'clock would be a good time to leave, since it is only going to take us about 15 minutes to get there. We are sure to beat the dinner rush. I know what all my southern friends are thinking, 5'oclock is the dinner rush, no that is in North Carolina. In Missouri the dinner rush is 6. Weird..I know! Anyway..Dustin and I go over to our friends house so we can take one car. We are all really excited, and I am really enjoying the view. Anytime we go somewhere new it is like a big adventure for me, since I am not from this area, there is always lots for me to look at. So here we are in Columbia, IL and headed towards Main street when we start seeing signs that say detour. WTF?! Detour to where exactly? Guess what the hell today was! 150 years of Columbia, IL Day, which means the whole town and I swear I don't think a person was missing from the whole town was out celebrating in the form of a 2 mile parade. We were stuck, the parade was headed towards Main Street, and there was no escaping. We are sitting in the car watching the parade talking to a police officer asking if this is going to be over anytime soon, we are just here to try out a resturant in their 150 year old town. He makes us sit there for about 30 minutes and then I guess starts to feels sorry for us, so he backs his police car up so we can turn into down the road, into parade mind you, so we can turn around and find the back entrance to Main Street. I was so embarrassed and relieved at the same time. We were all starving and ready to find out if we were even going to be able to eat at this establishment. Luckily we did find the place the food was amazing! I took some pictures of the parade, but I can't find the cord that I plug into my phone to the pc. So, I will just leave you with this link I found at youtube. They had about 3 of these, and they were a riot.


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