Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Honestly how could I really be so stupid? Did I really think I could rejoice in the fact that I have been migraine free for the last 11 days, and not have the monster roar it's ugly head the very next day? My neck is so stiff that I feel like someone could hit me with a baseball bat and it would actually feel good. Maybe I can commit some petty crime and I would be thrown to the town square for public humiliation and the guillotine. OFF WITH MY HEAD!

I am just so damn irritable, so easily frustrated. It is just not me. I am such a laid back person. I can't stand how my personality changes. I get so angry! I hate missing work and like I have said before I make myself work through my migraines. On the rare occasion I will call in sick, but it is only because either my aura has just hit as I am ready to leave for work and it will not go away, or I am hovering over the bathroom toilet and can't seem to get up. I will come in with my sunglasses and my ice packs and just down right suffer. Of course when I get home I am much sicker. I feel like I could just lay down and die. Which is exactly what I will be doing tonight.


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