Thursday, August 13, 2009

I saw this on Goggle's Joke of the day and I thought it would make an awesome topic for me to blog about today.

Discontinued Jelly Bean Flavors.

10.Cigarette...this really is too bad, maybe more people including me would stop.
9.Substitute Teacher...that's hot
7.Grandma...this would probably taste like moth balls.
6.Taxi...see number 10
5.Sand...probably a bit gritty
4.Dimetapp...I used to love to have a cough when I was a kid!
3.Burn Victim...burnt popcorn comes to mind, that smell lingers forever
2.New Car..loses its flavor before you even get it to your mouth
1.Gangrene...maybe you need some WD-40 for that

And speaking of jelly beans, I think I have missed them the most since my diagnosis of Diabetes. Buttered Popcorn from Jelly Belly has always been my favorite. I still find myself in need want of sugar I will often run to the grocery store for a little bag of them. I can't completely deprive myself of all things yummy.


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