Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Today I have an interview for a new job at my current workplace. It is one of those jobs that I am on the fence about, because the extra pay is very enticing, but the hours suck. I would lose my weekends with husband. The job will be 4 ten hour days, Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues, so I while I am exciting about having the extra money, I am not so excited about working every weekend. Of course I will give my interview my all, and just let fate play itself out.

I am still struggling with my migraines. I did find these new ice packs from medi-temp.com. The ice pack wraps around your head, and it helps me stay productive while I am at work. I have really been keeping my headache journal up to date. I have even started listing the small headaches that I get sometimes during the day. I think I worry about those and wonder if that worry will lead into a major migraine. I also worry that when I take any medication for those small headaches that I am going to turn that headache into a rebound headache. Worry, worry, worry.... Does anyone else with migraines worry this much. I never have been this much of a worrier before, but since I started getting these debilitating migraines, it seems I can't stop the worry of when the next migraine is going to come, or when I have a migraine I worry the pain will never end. Is this normal?? I am still super excited for my appointment with the Ryan Headache Specialist. I have a list of questions, and I really hope that I will get some answers. I know that I may not have a life without migraines again, but I would at least like to have a LIFE!


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