Monday, September 14, 2009

This weekend has just not been very good for my favorite sport teams. They have all lost. Serena Williams had some kind of intense mental breakdown and went ape shit on a line judge for calling a foot fault on her. She called out some rather insane expletives which in turn caused the chair umpire to call a point penalty which just happened to be the match point for her opponent. She lost the game without even having to lift her racket. What a shame.

Then if that wasn't bad enough my Saint Louis Cardinals seem to have lost their mojo too. They have lost the last three of their games. We have a very good lead in for first place, but it is possible to lose it. We can lose all our games, and have Chicago win all of their games. We would lose first place, and our chance at the world series. My friend doesn't call them the cardiac Cardinals for nothing.

Now onto the the start of Football season today. The Saint Louis Rams were horrible today. I was really hoping they would have a little something in them to show all of their loyal supporters that this was going to be the start of a good year...ha ha. What a big goose egg for the final score board.

Not even my Panthers could pull it together for the start of the season today. What a major disappointment. I knew I should have just nursed my migraine in bed with a book or my laptop reading my favorite blogs that make me laugh instead of laying on the couch ready to cry over the horrible game play.


  1. Eternal Lizdom said...
    The whole thing with Serena was a real head shaker. But what a great example for people watching- when you make bad choices, there are consequences. Hopefully she's learned that lesson, too.

    Hate to rub it in but... GO COLTS!! We won our season opener! Yahoo!
    Nicole said...
    Well at least someone had a good day. I will cheer with you. GO COLTS! I love Payton Manning.

    You are totally right about Serena. I really hope she never does that again. I was really embarrassed for her.
    chrissy said...
    i really enjoyed this post...thanks....ha ha ha ha............:)
    Diana Lee said...
    My teams did terribly bad this weekend, too. Not much fun at all. The whole Serena thing was just mind boggling to me. What a waste for her to lose that way. :(

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