Monday, September 21, 2009

I am very happy to report that Zomig is my new BFF! I really hate to brag, but this abortive has really helped me. I do not get any nasty side effects other than making me drowsy, but not so severely that I must lay down and go into an unconscious state for several hours.

At my last visit with my Headache Migraine Specialist, Dr. B said to take it as soon as my aura came, so the very next day here came the aura, and I did as I was told. But wait no migraine ever showed up, was this really the zomig? Did it honestly keep my migraine from roaring its ugly head? Dont get me wrong, I knew I had something going on with my head, it was just a dull ache though. Like the kind of ache you get the day after a severe migraine. It was kinda scary and exciting at the same time. I didn't know if I had just taken it too early, maybe I had mistaken my aura for something else. Not sure what else that blinding spot in my left eye that produces those pretty colors could be, maybe my cigarette was laced with LSD, ha! I also wasn't sure how to feel about not acutally suffering through a migraine. Does that make sense to anyone? I am not sure it makes sense to me, let alone anyone else, but somehow strangely that is how I am feeling.

Some days though I wake up with a migraine totally skipping my aura phase and that is when things become a bit more hairy. I am very nauseous and my light and noise sensitivity is through the roof. One dose of Zomig and my migraine is greatly reduced. It isn't completely gone, however I can still function at work and I can take my other medication for the nausea. When I do go to work with a migraine it progressively gets worse and I always worry that I will have some weird side effect show up, so I don't take new drugs at work unless I have taken them at least 3 or 4 times with nothing crazy happening. I have no side effects to report, and I have taken over 4 doses. I was a bit skeptical. When I come home from work through I take another dose of the Zomig and lay down for a bit and the migraine is back down to just a dull ache.

I really think I can start knocking these migraines out at work now. It is almost comforting to know that I will not have to continue down down this destructive path feeling well enough to go to work and then getting to work and feeling like I could chop off my head at any given moment.

I am still working on the part of not feeling guilty about not suffering even a little bit when I am able to catch my migraine during it's aura phase. I feel great, but I cant help but think of the many of you that are not able to get this kind of relief. I still don't know why I think I have to feel this way. As soon as I get that one migraine that is troublesome to treat I remember why I am grateful that I do have something that works so effectively.


  1. Diana Lee said...
    I'm so glad the Zomig is working out for you. Zomig is one of my go-to treatment options, especially the nasal spray form. It just works so fast!
    deborah said...
    good for you! finally finding something that works sometimes seems like eons, doesn't it?! I'm happy you found something. hopefully, you won't need to use it too often. those triptans can be dangerous in large doses. My best to you
    WinnyNinny PooPoo said...
    WooHoo! A drug that works! Yeah!

    Know the feeling tho- it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. So many times being conditioned to have pain, and then it doesn't rear its ugly head something feels like its missing or wrong instead of right!
    Mary B. said...
    I'm so glad finding something that works sometimes seems like eons, doesn't it?! I'm happy you found something.

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