Thursday, September 03, 2009

Recently I have discussed friends that have not been supportive of my migraines. I do however have someone who is so supportive of me and my migraines and that is my wonderful husband. He is my best friend. The first time I had to call my husband home from work to take me to the Emergency Room he got home so quick you would have thought he had a police escort. He holds my hair back when I am sick, or will brush my hair when I need to relax.

Whenever I just need to talk about what is frustrating me or when I don't understand something he is always there to listen to me. We will work together to come to a solution that will fit both of our needs. I must admit that sometimes I think he makes sure my needs are more met than his these days. He does all the grocery shopping and cooking and even conformed to my special needs diet like a champ.

He has been to all my doctors appointments with me, so that he can better understand this disease with me. I can see it hurts him when I am hurting from a migraine. I never have to question his love for me. He shows me in his actions everyday.

I really hope I am half the wife to him that he is the husband to me.

Who is your support person?


  1. chrissy said...
    My support person is by far my husband and highschool sweetheart..this is is simply amazing..what he puts up with me is just hard to put in words..he will come up to me and say sweetie how was your day..were you able to keep the Monster at bay..he cooks for me, cleans for me, gets my bath water for me, goes to the store for my fav. treat, sits and talks to me, crys with me, he is my best friend and so much more i just can find words fitting to describe him.....
    Nicole said...
    We are such lucky women Chrissy.
    Diana Lee said...
    My husband, my parents, and my two closest girl friends are all wonderfully supportive. My parents take me to many doctor's appointments and are always trying to get up with what is going on with me and my situation. I feel very lucky even though I sometimes also feel lonely since I'm homebound much of the time.

    By the way, I am a migraineur and diabetic, too. Doesn't seem to be a lot of us out there. Glad to find your blog.

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