Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well I cant sleep, my migraine seems to have dulled to about a 4 so it is tolerable.

I thought I would write a little more about Patrick Swayze. I briefly wrote about him losing his battle with pancreatic cancer at a young age of 57. He was such a fighter. He never lost hope. He was such a inspiration to me. He continued to work on the set of "The Beast" an A&E drama series until he could work no more. I saw a documentary on his battle with cancer recently and while you could tell that he was totally committed to the show, you could also tell that he was at times in severe pain.

I remember being a tween and catching Dirty Dancing on video and just being head over hills in love with him. I probably watched that movie at least once every weekend and could quote every line. I would pretend I was baby and one day dream of find my Johnny in life.

Then came the movie Ghost. He stole my heart again. Honestly who couldn't be emotionally moved in that moved. The pottery scene, need I say more? If you weren't moved, well then clink clink on your heart of steel.

You can read his whole Bio here.

My heart goes out to his family and his wonderful wife, who has stood by him through the best and worst of times in his life.


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