Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Today is the start of the US Open Tennis Tournament. I'm cheering for you Serena. As ya'll can probably tell I am a huge tennis fan, and yes my husband knew this before he married me and still loved me anyway. Thanks honey!
I really wish we could get some new American girls out on the court that could show some dominance. Venus and Serena are only going to be on the court for a few more years, and then we are going to be left with no one. There isn't one single American woman in the top 50 after Venus and Serena who are in the top 10. There are however plenty of Russian woman who live in the United States that still claim Russia as their homeland. This doesn't make any sense to me. How can you live somewhere your entire life, well all but 3 years of it, and not be a resident of that country or a citizen for that matter? When do we just say ok it is time to apply for your citizenship and start playing for the United States. Maybe I just don't understand all that is involved. I just don't want to see my sport die out. Come on Girls, I know we have some American Tennis Champions out there!


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